Baby Steps

At last I got near the car last week and took all the fasteners out for removing the dash.  That prepped me for today.

After loosening the dash and lifting things up I gave up on the idea of removing the a/c components in the single HVAC unit.  I think the long-term goal will be to replace the entire HVAC with some AN fittings and a small oil cooler as a “heater core” to run a defroster.  More for The List.

Taking a step back and realizing I need to start checking things off the list I was determined to start crossing things off.  Unfortunately just about every task generates 3-4 more bits for The List which roughly looks like:

  • remove dash in order to:
    • get access to more sound deadening [DONE]
    • remove a/c bits in the cabin [DONE]
  • remove sunroof, headliner, panel cards
    • remove radio antennae [DONE]
    • install permanent GPS and 2-way radio antennae
    • remove warning panel [DONE]
    • remove sunroof wiring [DONE]
    • remove sunroof panel and motor [DONE]
    • remove sunroof cartridge / delaminate remaining roof panel
    • deal with door cards (replace w/ aluminum?)
  • contemplate scraping the underside of the car [DONE]
  • remove fender liners
  • add a SPAL fan to replace the two fans I removed [DONE]
    • install relay [DONE]
    • add toggle switch into cabin for direct on/off of fan
    • add warning light for water temperature from stock sensor
    • add auto-relay when warning light goes to activate fan
  • remove tweeters, speaker wire, misc hardware
  • wrap wiring harness w/ new tape
    • wrap horn lines wiring [DONE]
    • wrap headlight wiring [DONE]
    • wrap fog lights wiring
    • repair/wrap front side markers
    • repair/wrap rear side markers
    • wrap under dash cabling
    • remove cruise control stalk / wiring [DONE]
    • remove cruise control brain
  • replace front LCA bushings
  • get a new diff?
  • replace diff cover w/ M-cover
  • install AKG diff bushing [DONE]
  • repack front wheel bearings w/ Red Line wheel grease [DONE]
  • replace spark plug bracket w/ Gustave setup [DONE]
  • Install VSR racing pipes and muffler
  • Fix windshield wiper motor
  • Fix windshield washer pump
  • Install catch can
  • Install mesh protection for radiator and oil cooler
  • Install brake ducting
  • Contemplate stock brakes and selling my awesome (barely used) Massive BBK

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