A Long Day

Last Thursday I did manage to accomplish a few things thanks to my buddy Andy lending a hand for a *long* day in the garage:

  • install new AKG subframe bushings
  • install new AKG rear trailing arm bushings
  • remove VSR center pipe w/ cats and Borla muffler (it will go onto the street car)
  • install rear sway bar reinforcements (bolt through), new sway bar and Powerflex bushings
  • remove ST adjustable sway and save for the street car

We ended up using the torch a bit and Mick’s trick setup to press things out.  And we did this all under the car.  It would have been nice to remove the subframe and paint it. Since it’ll probably come out again for camber/caster tabs that is also now on The List.

Thanks again, Andy.  Next time I promise we’ll stop working long enough to eat something.

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