Slow Going

It wasn’t a terribly productive day. Started off intending to install a fan. The high-output SPAL fan fit is so tight between the radiator and water pump shaft the Massive fan brackets don’t work. Considering going to the thinner fan as I run a stock motor (and don’t want to ditch the sweet aluminum mounts from Lee). After that was a bust I unpacked all the recent packages and spent some time deciding how to spend the time over the next few weeks, randomly giving the sound deadening the stink eye.

A really useful writeup from Chris Deegan on how to Remove an E30 Dash was useful. There is even a PDF for printing. This is fairly easy to follow along with and pull the dash. There were a few extra steps I needed to deal with b/c of my setup, like remove the kill switch so the dash could come out, remove the DL1. Got everything *but* the kill switch disconnected, so completely pulling things will have to wait until next week. New items that need doin’ while the dash is out:

  • get the remainder of the carpet out
  • wrap more of the wiring loom
  • pray that I’ll get the interior a/c bits out
  • consider addressing the windshield wiper motor while things are apart

Looks like life won’t let me get near the car for ~two weeks.

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