Old Friends

I miss my C=64. Though it boggles as to why you would need to listen to SID remixes.

At one point, there was a Trash 80 kicking around at school. Then my C=64 showed up. A few Commodore Pet computers were at school (with both kinds of keyboards). And my cousin had a Osbourne at home … it 0\/\/n3D th3 5c3n3.

My buddy had an Apple ][. Why didn’t they ever port Bilestoad to the 64?! It never made any sense to me.

The various Amiga computers that came through the house were leagues beyond what the XT and AT machines we had. At least in terms of graphics. HAM mode says it all … 4096 colors at once!

Anyway, the Germans are keeping the dream alive for old Commodore folks.

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