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Thursday, April 17th, 2003

As I’m still recovering from the thought of a Knight Rider movie … this will be brief.

At long last (though a small addition), I’ve added two scans from the wedding proofs. Once I’m stateside for more than a few days, I’ll scan the negatives for color and figure out what I’ll do about the B&Ws. Also, randomly hacked links to various sizes of each image, including originals from the camera/scan. Let me know if anything is broken.

It’s late and I’m going home.

More Tweaks

Monday, January 20th, 2003

My apologies for being so very lame and not posting any more uninteresting and/or mildly crudlike content. [Which reminds me of every VW Trends magazine ad "Get your Cams from Mild to WILD!!!"]. But I digress.

Mr. T would pity me and doesn’t have time for this kind of Jibba Jabba.

Been working on some random stuff [which won't really hit the site for a few weeks]. Though I did note the server is at 198 days of uptime again. A few may know the system was taken down at 212 days 198 days ago to install another HD.

Minor Adjustments

Thursday, January 16th, 2003

Already using MT 2.51 … thought it might be nice to migrate this massive data store to something a bit easier to manage. MySQL was already up and running on one of my boxes. [It's been lying around doing nothing except holding a few dusty tables.]

The scripts run like a top to convert from BerkeleyDB to MySQL. Unfortunately when you add a user or change permissions in MySQL a reload is necessary. It’s not as much unfortunate as the fact that I forgot about that. D’oh. No wonder I couldn’t connect.

If you use MySQL with MT [and thus already have PHP and MySQL running] go take a look at phpMyAdmin. It takes less than 5 minutes to setup and makes life easier for simple admin functions. Including nice things like exporting to XML.