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Slow Going

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

It wasn’t a terribly productive day. Started off intending to install a fan. The high-output SPAL fan fit is so tight between the radiator and water pump shaft the Massive fan brackets don’t work. Considering going to the thinner fan as I run a stock motor (and don’t want to ditch the sweet aluminum mounts from Lee). After that was a bust I unpacked all the recent packages and spent some time deciding how to spend the time over the next few weeks, randomly giving the sound deadening the stink eye.

A really useful writeup from Chris Deegan on how to Remove an E30 Dash was useful. There is even a PDF for printing. This is fairly easy to follow along with and pull the dash. There were a few extra steps I needed to deal with b/c of my setup, like remove the kill switch so the dash could come out, remove the DL1. Got everything *but* the kill switch disconnected, so completely pulling things will have to wait until next week. New items that need doin’ while the dash is out:

  • get the remainder of the carpet out
  • wrap more of the wiring loom
  • pray that I’ll get the interior a/c bits out
  • consider addressing the windshield wiper motor while things are apart

Looks like life won’t let me get near the car for ~two weeks.

AKG Delivery!

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Since The Red Car is trailered around to events and is truly intended to be a race car, the collective believes that solid mounts (or as close as possible) are the order of the day.  I called the folks at AKG Motorsport having used some of their products on The White Car to discuss what would be best.  The effort is becoming a “While you’re in there” kinda project.  I figured why not replace everything now so I know what’s in there.  Today a fairly heavy box arrived with:

  • AKG 75D motor mounts
  • AKG Group N replica transmission mounts
  • AKG 75D differential mount
  • AKG 75D rear subframe bushings
  • AKG 75D rear trailing arm bushings
  • AKG 75D front control arm (offset)

Luckily for me there was also a group buy setup on for the finned differential cover (which also arrived today).  At least I can go press the bushing before installing it into the car.  At some point the reinforcement points for the subframes need to be inspected …

Shedding the Pounds: Part I

Monday, November 15th, 2010

As most folks know, initially the cheapest way improve the speed of a car is removing weight.  It gets incredibly expensive to reduce weight later on (ie, 18lb race shell ~$1k vs 9lb race shell ~$5k).  Luckily for me I can stand to lose 25lbs.  Perhaps I’ll ask my wife for $10k additional in car funds.

I purchased The Red Car because it was gutted and caged.  This was something that just could not happen to my first M3.  Too many have been cut up and I decided early on I wanted to race an E30 M3.  Passively searching for a year or so, ultimately arrived at a car I had spied two years earlier.  Even though the car was caged, it still had some things that needed to be removed.  As an example, the air conditioning system was fully intact.  (Great news, since I needed to install a/c into The White Car if I was going to use it as a daily during the Summer.)

After getting the car up on jack stands:

  • scraped sound deadening out of the cabin (PITA and currently INCOMPLETE)
  • removed all the a/c system that lived in front of the firewall
  • removed the aux and main fan
  • removed the cruise control system (still need to remove the separate computer and stalk)

Next steps:

  • remove dash in order to:
    • get access to more sound deadening
    • remove a/c bits in the cabin
  • remove sunroof, headliner, panel cards
  • contemplate scraping the underside of the car
  • remove fender liners
  • add a SPAL fan to replace the two fans I removed
  • remove tweeters, speaker wire, misc hardware

A New Beginning

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Yes, I haven’t posted anything in nearly two years.  Figured I’ll use this to track stuff for me as I work on my two project cars.

At long last I decided to buy a second E30 M3 (aka The Red One) and build it into a dedicated track car.  Even more dedicated than my first E30 M3 (aka The White One).  After taking the BMW Club Racing School at NHMS … I feel compelled to build for BMW Club Racing.  Intending to built for the E30 M3-only M3T class, revised rules for the Stock classes are so compelling … and should have much larger fields … that I may arrive at a to-the-limit 2011 JS car.  This isn’t dismissal of SCCA ITR or NASA.  It appears the intersection of ITR/M3T is still a very fun car and it’ll take me a few seasons to drive anywhere near the potential provided by such a vehicle.

All projects have an ever growing list of todo items.  So I figured I would keep track of things here.  At the very least others can use links, photos, DIYs for reference.