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Suspension First

Friday, November 12th, 2010

There will be plenty of weight coming out of the car.  Current JStock weight is 2733 lbs w/o driver.  M3T at 2550 lbs *including* driver and equipment.  In 2011 Stock will be the same as current Prepared (2624 lbs) … I just hope it also includes driver and equipment.  That would be a fairly significant drop in weight with the US average for a male tipping the scales around 190 lbs.  So everyone gets to drop 300 lbs from the car.

For The Red Car it means the Turner JStock spring/damper combo needs to be replaced.  Every double-adjustable setup in contention requires strut modification, so pulling the struts first and shipping them off seemed like the logical thing to do.  My buddy Hugh came over to lend a hand and we had everything out in no time (only one trip to Sears required)   These will get boxed and shipped out before Thanksgiving.

A New Beginning

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Yes, I haven’t posted anything in nearly two years.  Figured I’ll use this to track stuff for me as I work on my two project cars.

At long last I decided to buy a second E30 M3 (aka The Red One) and build it into a dedicated track car.  Even more dedicated than my first E30 M3 (aka The White One).  After taking the BMW Club Racing School at NHMS … I feel compelled to build for BMW Club Racing.  Intending to built for the E30 M3-only M3T class, revised rules for the Stock classes are so compelling … and should have much larger fields … that I may arrive at a to-the-limit 2011 JS car.  This isn’t dismissal of SCCA ITR or NASA.  It appears the intersection of ITR/M3T is still a very fun car and it’ll take me a few seasons to drive anywhere near the potential provided by such a vehicle.

All projects have an ever growing list of todo items.  So I figured I would keep track of things here.  At the very least others can use links, photos, DIYs for reference.