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Michael Jackson Fun

Thursday, November 20th, 2003

Holy Cow, Batman! Another fantastic opportunity to watch the horror of what happens if you grow up in Gary, Indiana. Somewhere on the net is a morphing video of all his “faces” with the tagline “If this is going on outside, imagine what is going on inside.”

Random aim conversation:

[chunks]: he’s a freaking mess
[biglobster]: Did you see his mug shot?
[biglobster]: –mug-shot link–
[chunks]: ROTFL
[chunks]: oh man
[biglobster]: –redick comic–
[biglobster]: oh
[biglobster]: my
[biglobster]: god
[biglobster]: Here’s a chronology of his nose: –mj series of horrors–
[chunks]: outstanding

Overnight AIM

Friday, October 17th, 2003

As I was out and about at the the Queen draining a few pint glasses and eating dinner … my aim client quietly collected these gems:

From P-Hewy, kids try classic videos games … “John: But you can get this game on a cell phone. Why would you want to pay for it in an arcade?”

An English paper about the Goatse man. For auction on eBay, of course. From Mr. Lobster himself.

Inquiries about my mental breakdown and updates to the Yankees/Red Sox have been omitted.

retard 500

Wednesday, June 25th, 2003

Oh the joys of summer. The last two days were blistering-hot in Munich. And people seem to be getting insane.

[Perhaps once the contract is over I can post some of the more entertaining outtakes of my time in Munich. To cope, I'm taking Vitamin C-Schutz, which are labeled "r e t a r d 5 0 0".]

Random AIM discussion today:

bkbroiler: [kgeld: good god, Carrie just washed a load of clothes with a utility knife mixed in there]
bkbroiler: You probably need your daily dose of “Karl’s Life”
chunks: I do miss it.

Leave A Message

Friday, March 21st, 2003

Names have been changed to protect the stupid.

[09:27] butch: chunks, bolognacans has tried to call cheapskate a few times but keep getting his voicemail
[09:27] butch: any suggestion?
[09:27] chunks: did he leave a message?
[09:28] butch: he will now

Riding on the A.

Wednesday, March 5th, 2003

fancypants: i was just on a train from B’lyn to Manhattan with two guys YELLING at each other about the New Testament and speaking in tongues
chunks: cool
fancypants: no
fancypants: wrong
fancypants: a little cool… but then extremely annoying
fancypants: this went on from Jay St , Brooklyn to 14th -Union Sq
fancypants: i am talking literal SCREAMING
chunks: Screaming of which, I need to start going to church.
chunks: B/c I must have done something wrong to deserve the mess I have to deal with.
chunks: Wait. I’m wrong?
chunks: How long a ride is that?
chunks: Were they yelling just about the latest Bible release … just in tongues … both?!
fancypants: two issues going on simulataneously …
fancypants: neither making any sense
chunks: Who was winning, in your estimation?
fancypants: 1.) The New Testament is the “Fake Testament”
chunks: vs
fancypants: 2.) Tongues is a language
fancypants: lol
fancypants: as i recollect the “debate” it cracks me up
chunks: Tongues as a language is a tough fight.
fancypants: the Bible holder lost
chunks: The grammar is awkward.
fancypants: in his mind though, I am quite sure that he won
chunks: Wait. Who was holding the Good Book?
fancypants: (yeah, and forget spelling)
chunks: That completely rocks.
fancypants: there was a guy doing his preaching thing, as they do sometimes
chunks: It happens.
fancypants: and this rasta looking dude just couldn’t fucking stand the idiocy of it
fancypants: unfortunately, his argument was not very strong
fancypants: but his emotional outburst is completely understandable
chunks: Is this a 3rd player in this scene?
fancypants: (he wasn’t very stable, I don;t think – but we were all feeling him on some level)
fancypants: yeah – the rest of the train
fancypants: it brought us all closer together
chunks: So the Rasta represents the rest of the train.
chunks: And he joined in the oratory?
fancypants: chunks: So the Rasta represents the rest of the train.
fancypants: on a pure gutt level
fancypants: i think so
fancypants: but who is ever crazy enough to start screaming back?
fancypants: i gotta give him credit there – he was trying. but not so smart.
fancypants: and….
chunks: That’s a tough hand to play.
fancypants: the thing with Bible freaks is that….
fancypants: all they keep saying is ….
fancypants: “God Bless You.”
fancypants: and automatically
fancypants: they win
chunks: Kill you with kindness.
chunks: It works every time.
fancypants: not even – with RIGHTEOUSNESS
fancypants: ain’t a whole lot truly “kind” about religious folk
fancypants: i know…
fancypants: i went to catholic school