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It’s All About the Tradeoff

Saturday, June 21st, 2003

At long last Munich weather has actually turned for the better. A casual (very late) breakfast (on Steinstrasse, no less) with Herr Lutterkort, followed by a quick Mass in a quiet Biergarten. [That is "Mass" as in "one liter glass mug."]

Things turned for the worse when I realized that Corvette Summer, in German, was nearing the climatic finish on TV. The thing that was so confusing … it seemed like the Vette was right-hand drive. Anyone? [Here is a better review. Though this is one of the bad movies that is so bad it's good.]

From da Fark, it looks like Rodney King still likes to do 100 mph around town. I wonder what he drives these days.

Off to London

Tuesday, February 4th, 2003

YMFW! I’m off to London for a few days. And then to Boston. And finally, back to Munich Tuesday morning. Cripes.