Good News from Abroad

December 21st, 2011

Sounds like my suspension is complete and on its way back to the US.  Hopefully I’ll get it mid January.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

February 24th, 2011

Suspension Installed!

Thanks to JRD for giving me access (again) to the machine shop.  A quick application of the lathe to my rear shock bushings allows the M12 bolt to fit properly.  Of course the fronts weren’t so easy.  The ackermans were mounted reversed when returned to me, but I never through to check.  Until after I connected the control arms and tie-rods.

“Why is the toe so fscked … oh CRAP!”

So I go to remove the LCAs and tie-rods twice.  Oh joy.  Could have been worse … they came off after a few attempts.

A Long Day

January 1st, 2011

Last Thursday I did manage to accomplish a few things thanks to my buddy Andy lending a hand for a *long* day in the garage:

  • install new AKG subframe bushings
  • install new AKG rear trailing arm bushings
  • remove VSR center pipe w/ cats and Borla muffler (it will go onto the street car)
  • install rear sway bar reinforcements (bolt through), new sway bar and Powerflex bushings
  • remove ST adjustable sway and save for the street car

We ended up using the torch a bit and Mick’s trick setup to press things out.  And we did this all under the car.  It would have been nice to remove the subframe and paint it. Since it’ll probably come out again for camber/caster tabs that is also now on The List.

Thanks again, Andy.  Next time I promise we’ll stop working long enough to eat something.

Baby Steps

December 28th, 2010

At last I got near the car last week and took all the fasteners out for removing the dash.  That prepped me for today.

After loosening the dash and lifting things up I gave up on the idea of removing the a/c components in the single HVAC unit.  I think the long-term goal will be to replace the entire HVAC with some AN fittings and a small oil cooler as a “heater core” to run a defroster.  More for The List.

Taking a step back and realizing I need to start checking things off the list I was determined to start crossing things off.  Unfortunately just about every task generates 3-4 more bits for The List which roughly looks like:

  • remove dash in order to:
    • get access to more sound deadening [DONE]
    • remove a/c bits in the cabin [DONE]
  • remove sunroof, headliner, panel cards
    • remove radio antennae [DONE]
    • install permanent GPS and 2-way radio antennae
    • remove warning panel [DONE]
    • remove sunroof wiring [DONE]
    • remove sunroof panel and motor [DONE]
    • remove sunroof cartridge / delaminate remaining roof panel
    • deal with door cards (replace w/ aluminum?)
  • contemplate scraping the underside of the car [DONE]
  • remove fender liners
  • add a SPAL fan to replace the two fans I removed [DONE]
    • install relay [DONE]
    • add toggle switch into cabin for direct on/off of fan
    • add warning light for water temperature from stock sensor
    • add auto-relay when warning light goes to activate fan
  • remove tweeters, speaker wire, misc hardware
  • wrap wiring harness w/ new tape
    • wrap horn lines wiring [DONE]
    • wrap headlight wiring [DONE]
    • wrap fog lights wiring
    • repair/wrap front side markers
    • repair/wrap rear side markers
    • wrap under dash cabling
    • remove cruise control stalk / wiring [DONE]
    • remove cruise control brain
  • replace front LCA bushings
  • get a new diff?
  • replace diff cover w/ M-cover
  • install AKG diff bushing [DONE]
  • repack front wheel bearings w/ Red Line wheel grease [DONE]
  • replace spark plug bracket w/ Gustave setup [DONE]
  • Install VSR racing pipes and muffler
  • Fix windshield wiper motor
  • Fix windshield washer pump
  • Install catch can
  • Install mesh protection for radiator and oil cooler
  • Install brake ducting
  • Contemplate stock brakes and selling my awesome (barely used) Massive BBK

Slow Going

December 3rd, 2010

It wasn’t a terribly productive day. Started off intending to install a fan. The high-output SPAL fan fit is so tight between the radiator and water pump shaft the Massive fan brackets don’t work. Considering going to the thinner fan as I run a stock motor (and don’t want to ditch the sweet aluminum mounts from Lee). After that was a bust I unpacked all the recent packages and spent some time deciding how to spend the time over the next few weeks, randomly giving the sound deadening the stink eye.

A really useful writeup from Chris Deegan on how to Remove an E30 Dash was useful. There is even a PDF for printing. This is fairly easy to follow along with and pull the dash. There were a few extra steps I needed to deal with b/c of my setup, like remove the kill switch so the dash could come out, remove the DL1. Got everything *but* the kill switch disconnected, so completely pulling things will have to wait until next week. New items that need doin’ while the dash is out:

  • get the remainder of the carpet out
  • wrap more of the wiring loom
  • pray that I’ll get the interior a/c bits out
  • consider addressing the windshield wiper motor while things are apart

Looks like life won’t let me get near the car for ~two weeks.